Sunday, May 16, 2010


DH and I could not wait until Potato started to talk. It started with Daddy then Uh-Oh(thanks to Maw), now Momma, and the newest word among others is No! Oh my......

Potato would you like to.....No!

Lets go play..... No!

Can mommy change your..... No!

It seems like everyday he has learned something new.

PS. For my nonblogging friends click on the word new to watch the video.


  1. DS doesn't talk much... I'm waiting for it - but I'm sure I'll regret it right away too!

  2. cool! found you from the bump (im harmskills) check out my blog

  3. No is common at my home too - it means no, yes, maybe, ok, sure, no way - it's very versatile!


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