Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day Card!

Well first off Mr Potato is getting so fed up with Daddy leaving him every morning. So this morning he woke up early, ate breakfast super fast, and grabbed an extra diaper for the day. He was going to work.......or at least he thought so! When Daddy told him he couldn't go the water works started, but here is my proof of his determination. I mean he didn't even care to get dressed or grab a sippy. Hardcore Potato!

I do believe that today is going down as one of my favorites. Potato and I were leaving for school this morning and Potato spotted that Mommy had a pretty rose that grew and decided that he must have it for Ms Silvia. I pulled all of the thorns off the bush but of course got caught by one.

When we got to Butterflies he pretty much flew out of his car seat then blasted through the doors not even looking back to make sure I was there. Feel the love right...! Well he needed me to open the door to the classroom. Ha! Ms Silvia flipped over her flower and gave Potato hugs and kisses. He is her favorite and those are her words! Well she told me that since we made her feel special again today that I get to take a piece of Potato's art with me early instead of having to wait until I pick up in the afternoon. To say the least I was pretty much jumping for joy!
I made sure to show everyone at the office 3 times! They don't mind. I think my favorite part has to be the mugshot photo lol! I really hope all of you mommies out there are lucky enough to get a special card like this mine.
You can tell I love it right!?!?

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