Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wrapping up my birthday month!

Oh boy I do love when my birthday comes around. I have so many people in my life that take so much time and effort into making me feel loved. I am not sure what I do to deserve all the angels in my life.

Well my first birthday was a surprise party that my mom and dad threw for me. We had boiled crawfish and bar-b-que! It was a very beautiful day and of course all the babies were covered in cake by the end of the afternoon. My mom spoiled me with gift cards to my favorite stores and my sister got me the most beautiful dress.

The next party was with all of my dearest friends. A few of them couldn't attend but I know they were with me in spirit. We had it at my house and I bought about a million pizzas. Amazingly enough I had room to fit everyone in my little house with the help of some lawn chairs....ghetto I know. Do what you got to right?! Well one of my best girls made a red velvet cake, while another made some crescent rolls with nutella. Talk about eat your heart out. Even with all the food we still ran out. The party did not end until 3am because we are just awesome like that and my friends are perfect. We ended up going to my girlfriends house at some point to play some cards. I ended up getting a much needed gift card to a spa from my friend Michelle, an LSU bracelet from Nicole, and Sammy got me my favorite bottle of wine. I would be so lost without these women in my life!

Ok so the next birthday get together was with my in-laws and they made me and my family a wonderful brunch and surprised me with a gift card to Victoria Secret but most importantly I got a handmade tea pot. My mother-in-law does pottery and I have been begging her to make me something and well my wish has come true. I will have to take a picture of it and post it soon. We spent the whole day relaxing with them.

Yesterday ended my birthday extravaganza. My friend Stevi and Emily got a slip-n-slide and we brought in the summer the right way......with JELLO SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They got me a huge birthday cake from Sam's Club. So awesome! I am clearly hurting today from all of the sliding and drinking but it was so worth it.

I feel so blessed and honored to have such great people to share my life with.


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