Monday, June 20, 2011

Mr Randolph- Happy Father's Day

I am very proud to honor my hubby today. He is a wonderful father to Tater.

We had such a great day of lounging. No parties, no house jumping, just a lot of cuddling and relaxing.

Sunday morning Mr Randolph and I spent the morning laying in bed until forced awake by an excited Potato. No cartoons or toys was able to occupy our little man. It's almost as if he sensed it was daddies special day. He was his daddies shadow. I loved watching them interact.

Randolph and I finally got out of bed and started scooting around. We decided that we would spend the afternoon with his parents. We had a great time and ate some great burgers ala Papaw! Afterwards we watched some tv while The now cranky Tater slept.

Did I mention the terrible twos are here? He decided to test his daddies patience and kept unbuckling his seat belt while we drove. The bad part is we did not notice until he was standing up in the back seat. We tried several times to tell him not to unbuckle his seat because it was dangerous. He seemed to have gotten amnesia and did it again. We hate spanking him because he is a very tender hearted child but for us it was a necessary evil. It breaks our heart when it comes to it but he did not unbuckle his seat again. I can live with that know that my son knows it's for his own safety!

Anyways! We were leaving my in-laws when a hornet or something dived bombed on Tater and me. I was able to flick him away only to piss it off. As it was recovering from my psychotic episode it snuck in and stung Tater in the muddle of his right palm.

I did not think the stupid thing got him until Clayton took his short fat hand and said owsch mommy! Well what followed almost had me in tears. Slowly his little eyes filled up with water and the tears fell down his fat cheeks. He did not cry out loud bug held it he was showing his panicking mother he was ok. I held him tight and ran him inside to Nana who had ice and PUDDIN ready :-)!

After this long day we had some grocery shopping to do then cleaning up around the house. Overall the day was great!

Happy Fathers Day!
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