Monday, June 13, 2011

Krom Fam Day #1

We were way to excited to see the Krom family. Since their flight got delayed and they were not arriving on Saturday we had to wait forever and see them in the afternoon on Sunday! Seemed like an eternity for the Randolph crew.
Well when the celebrities arrived they were smothered with kisses and we loaded up to meet the rest of the coon ass gang. It was quite wonderful since there was some of the best bbq and pool time.
The more and more Tater plays in the water the braver he gets. I get more worried each time because he doesn't know his limits yet. Well we all got our suits on and after a little while in the pool and a lot of pool water drank Tater puked. It was glorious considering mommy was right there to catch it all. Well we cleaned that up no big deal. Later he has a blowout in his pants and I am just dumb founded until I realize that he had 3 glasses of apple juice. I guess we set him up for failure.
We cleaned that up and he hit the pool again followed by more water drank and another vomit session but thankfully not on mommy. It was time for Tater to get out and that meant it was tantrum time. It was short lived I promise!
After way to much to each and great conversation we headed home to curl up on the couch.

OMGosh their here their here!

Sweet kisses from Tater.
Nana Rocks!

Uncle Matthew and Gecko getting in some quality time!
What a big happy family!

                                             You just wish your life were this easy!
I just love him to pieces.

Brother and sister. He still looks up to her.....well sorta lol.

Yes this is the brave man sliding in to the water. No fear while mommy panics.


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