Monday, June 20, 2011

Back in March: "Leave the gun. Take the canoli."

I stopped blogging at the end of February so there is a lot that you guys haven't seen. Tater's, Nanny Wheazy, got him one of the most perfect shirts ever. His Parrain was pretty jealous that he hadn't got him the shirt.....but he supplies the artillery!

He is pretty much spoiled rotten by both of these guys. Mr Randolph and I have been best friends with them since we were just kids and who better to help us raise/guide Tater. Although they are not the only people that have won stolen Tater's heart.

We depend on these two people to teach Tater things that mommy and daddy can't and give him more love than he can stand.

Shirt from his Nanny!

Extremely cool pow-pow from Parrain!

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