Monday, June 27, 2011

Bama Wedding

On June 4, Tater and I, hit the road for Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I hadn't been back there in a couple years. We passed through there after our Tennessee trip, when Clayton was 7 months. I was so excited to go see our old family friends and especially since it was for a very special occasion. We were going to celebrate the Tidmore wedding.

The only thing that made the trip better was that we were traveling with my mom, dad, my lil' brother and his family. This meant that I got lots of cuddle time with my niece CC and my beautiful nephew Lil' Buck. I really just can't get enough of those two.

Mr Randolph was unable to travel with us because of work and trust me that was a long four days to go without my love. I know he appreciated the silence and personal time though. Thursday, the 2nd, all the Smiths and Randolphs loaded up in a rented mini van and hit the road. The van was packed but everyone was very comfortable. I even brought the portable DVD player so that the boys could watch movies the whole way. I really believe that between this and my mom being quick with the snacks the boys survived the trip.

I even brought Tater's little potty chair and when we weren't able to stop he just sat and did his thing with NO problem at all. I really did not think it was going to work but I am shocked by him all the time!

We were so happy when we arrived and got to stretch out our legs. When we arrived Thursday afternoon we had a surprise birthday to attend and then we went and stayed at the grooms house for the night. The morning had arrived all to quickly and I didn't get much sleep since the boys decided to take an early morning fishing trip. They caught about a billion fish though.

After showers and getting dressed we all loaded up for a quick Wal-Mart trip. Then we were going to check out the tornado damage from the horrible storm. It really cut to my heart but thankfully no one we knew was hurt.

We finally arrived at our destination cabin. Wooohooo! The cabin was gorgeous and the Tom Bigby River was in our backyard. The other huge plus was that the church where the rehearsal dinner and wedding was at the end of the road. What a win right?!

Friday night was the rehearsal and it was quite beautiful but so HOT! The boys had pretty much had enough by this time. We stuffed their bellies and put them in bed. The girls played cards and relaxed.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed outside to play. I can't remember exactly which day but Claire and I swam across the river mostly just to see if we could do it and we succeeded.

After the wedding pictures were done the ceremony started. It was gorgeous! We had a great time but were definitely beat by the end of the night.

Well the end of the trip came all too soon and as soon as the van was packed we were on the road again for home. The trip home always seems quicker and it was a little crazier just because everyone was ready to be home and relaxing.

The trip was wonderful and Tater and I were so grateful to my parents and brother for letting us tag along. I may have more pictures later!

My gorgeous little nephew Lil' Buck

Tater, Cheyenne, Lil' Buck

What mommies let the babies do to keep them sane!

My little bro and his perfect family.

Tater contemplating life.

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