Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Krom Fam Day #4

Wednesday was a fabulous day to boot! I had taken the day off so Tater and I played hooky. I wish Mr Randolph could have taken the day with us but unfortunately his company does not let him accrue time like normal. He only gets so many hours per pay check. Ultimately he did not have the time so he had to go to work.

We were very sad but also way to excited to go spend the day with Aiden(gecko) along with Auntie Sarah, Uncle Mark, and of course Nana and Papaw! After we ta-taed daddy and sent him to work Tater and I cleaned up around the house.

After a few things were done and I was satisfied with my less dirty house I packed up our swim suits and Taters spider man slip-n-slide. Oh I just knew he was not going to use the thing but what the hell maybe Papaw could show him show him how much fun it was.

Tater was so excited when we drove up he started yelling for "nanny and papa" hmm. He also stared yelling Aiden! He loves his cousin even though Aiden is a baby and can't play like him lol.

Aiden did a lot of rolling and circle time with his Auntie Kayla. I just love the way he smells and his Donald Trump hair style. He is so beautiful from his little fat toes all the way to his big blue eyes.

I couldn't wait to see Taters reaction to the slide so I tossed the box in Papaws hand and he ran and set it up. While he did that I struggled to get Tater to potty and put his bathing suit on. He really thought that I was being a mean mommy by keeping him inside while there was water and fun outside. After many negotiations and mommy almost losing her temper he finally conceded. Why does he have to make things so difficult? Doesn't he know that I love him and that I am trying to take care of him? Hmph. I swear a mommies job is too hard sometimes.

Well I stole a few kisses from Aiden and then we all went outside to play in the sun. I even got in the jacuzzi. It was hot but it felt good to get wet while the wind blew. We even got Auntie Sarah in her suit for a little fun in the sun.

Tater got in the jacuzzi and jumped, dove, and tried to drown himself over and over. The boy has no fear when it comes to water which is good but also scares me to pieces.

He loved his slip-n-slide so much and I know papaw was very sore from hurling him down the slide. Tater giggled so much and Sarah got a great video that I will download later.

After a while in the sun we needed food, water, and Tater was whining which was signal for NAP! About 4 hrs later I woke sleeping beauty and headed home to spend time with Mr Randolph.

It was a perfect day!
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