Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flamin Dr. P's!

Why oh why must a drink like this one exist? What devil person decided that Amaretto, 151, and fire is a good combination? Tater's Uncle Richey, that's who!

Ok so the night started off real slow with no big plans. I really like when my Friday nights are slow. Since I had my usual squatters at my house (3 extra guys) it was loud and full of video games. Mr Randolph's 32 in tv and the 46 in tv that we currently have was not enough for these guys so they brought and extra 40 in to the house so they could have a mini lan party.

While they were getting all set up and ready to play some Battlefield..Halo...League of Legends, Tater and I kept each other company. I am not sure who was playing what but there was a lot of profanities yelling at the tv.

Anyways, Nana and Papaw called to let us know they were outside and wanted to show off the new truck. Its pretty fancy and I would not mind having one. Of course when Tater saw them he kicked the beatin and abused  poor pitiful, unloved baby act into high gear. Nana and Papaw felt sorry for him and took him home to get spoiled. I really believe he would much rather live out in the country with them.....hell I would too!

Since Tater was out of the house that just meant that things were gonna get loud and crazy. The picture below shows you why it got a little crazy. I had one at 11pm and I am currently still paying for all 4 shots of liquor! It's 9am. Ugh.....

When I woke up I hated life and I looked like I had been through a war lol. I grumbled and demanded requested Joey make some coffee. I ended up cleaning up the drippings from the sweet drinks; meanwhile  denying all the sugar ants their morning totties. The only other damage was one of my dining room chairs just fell apart. I am sure that wasn't because someone was leaning back in the chair while they were toasted and lost their balance. Thankfully this someone did not get hurt....I will fix that though ;-)!

This was not a photo of our flaming dr p's. Ours were in beautiful red dixie cups and we were using my all time favorite LSU shot glasses.

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