Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Krom Family

I am so excited to say that the Krom family made it to Louisiana today around 4pm. I have been bursting from the seams to see my beautiful nephew. I knew he would be grown and of course beautiful. We have seen him through skype but nothing was better than holding this sweet butterball.

Tater was instantly in love with Aiden. He spent a little time rocking him and talking to him but since he can't walk and play ball Tater lost interest fast. He made sure to give him kisses though.

I can remember when Clayton was that small and it seems like they were both cut from the same cloth. Aiden is just as laid back with the best whatever attitude. Uncle Matthew was all to proud to hold his sweet nephew and they instantly bonded as lounging buddies. I assume there is no other way to be....

I promise to have pictures soon but Matthew's mom was the smart one and brought her camera. I can't believe I failed and left mine at home. Don't you worry though...I will be ready for our next visit!
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