Monday, June 27, 2011

Krom Fam Day #5 post 1

Thursday morning was another great day! I had the day off and Tater was going to play hookie with me again! I had been telling him that we were going to see some fishies and turtles today and boy that helped the morning routine go a little faster!

Nana, Papaw, the Kroms, Ms Tammy and her g-babe, Riley, all headed to New Orleans to go to the aquarium. Tater and I rode with Tammy and I made sure to bring the portable DVD player. Let me just say that it is a must buy for the traveling family.

We made it there around lunch time and ate lunch at an awesome seafood resturant! Clayton and I were more than ready to go play so we hurry and ate and went watch some boats go up and down the river. After everyone was done we walked down the river walk to the aquarium.

I think their must be some evil juju mist they spray on the kids as they come through the door. Clayton went from mild tempered laid back babe to a complete holy terror. I was a momma about to jump out of the window and I know at some point I was ok with not claiming him and begged his Papaw to take over. Thank God for the other mommies there and the fact that they all seemed to have at least one angry little person in their groups.

I was on the verge of tears when my sister in law gave me some great advice. It seemed to work and I no longer wanted to drop him in the albino alligator tank! lol!

I was more than happy to get out of that place. I was in desperate need of a snack so we headed to a very well known eatery. You will have to wait for that post later. For now I leave you with these beautiful pictures.

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