Monday, June 7, 2010

No Fair!

Our pediatrician scheduled a check-up for Potato this morning at 9:30am. I was excited because I would have extra time to lounge and get gussied up. Thankfully Dr. said that Potato is doing much better! I can tell he is feeling better just because of the food he is slamming.

DH also had a check up on Thursday and as of today he is rocking. I can't tell you how happy I am to have my boys feeling better. Besides that after we were done at the pediatrician husband must have known when I was walking out the door because my phone rang. I told him that Potato was doing much better and was good to go to school.

Instead of hearing ok DH said can he skip school. Hmmmmm....What should the mommy say?! It was going to be much easier to drop him off at DH job because it was right down the road instead of having to drive all the way back to Butterflies Day-Care. So I said sure, that would be great for you guys to spend the day together. To say the least DH was SO excited. I was jealous!

I wish I could have skipped work and spent the day with my boys but its sweet knowing that they get to have guy time even though they had to go grocery shopping ;-\!

I was really excited that Potato got to come and visit me at the office for a while when daddy went to the chiropractor. Potato had everyone in the office ignoring their work and playing ball. Yes playing BALL. It was pretty freaking hilarious.

Overall I had a wonderful day even though I didn't get to play hookie!

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  1. well at least you got to pretend to play hookey for a bit while playing ball


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