Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anniversary of 4 or 7 years

I mentioned in my earlier post that my wedding anniversary was today. How EXCITING! I can't believe that DH and I have been together for seven long years. Today we quietly celebrate that today we have been married for four of those years. It has not been easy by no means, but nothing good in life comes easy or cheap.

The first five years were not easy because my family was not in the picture. I completely depended on DH to give me all the love that my mother, father, and brother were not. He did a beautiful job. He was my rock when I was bounced from house to house. My 6 foot 6 inch boyfriend even spent 6 months sleeping on a twin size bed with me because we were sharing a room with my bestie. He never complained because he knew that I needed him close. He knew that I so many voids in my heart and he has done his best to fill each one.

We finally moved into an apartment and lived together for 3 years before we tied the knot. It's been a wild ride but we complete each other. He knows when I am fibbing and I know just how to make him melt. We are each other weakness but together we have become a strong wall.

The only decision that comes easily each day is how long I want to be with my hubby. Til death do us part! Happy Anniversary Papa Bear!


  1. Awwwww, happy anniversary!

  2. Newest follower from FF. Can't wait to catch up on your beautiful family! Also happy anniversary!!


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