Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kids Workshop @ Home Depot-Soccer Game

Ok so we have been attending Lowe's Build and Grow workshop but this weekend they did not have one. I was in search of something to do with Potato and I heard from a friend that Home Depot had a building program as well. It's called Kids Workshop.

I have to be honest when I say I was not impressed. Their set-up was not what I expected. They had tall tables and big people chairs. At Lowe's everything is very low to the ground so Potato can stand and work on the project freely. I had to hold him the whole time and he really was uncomfortable and it kept him from working on it himself. I guess it was geared to the older age group but they can have several options of seating.

Then when I requested our free goggles and apron the lazy work shop captain said "Oh I haven't had that stuff for a while." I guess I must have had a bitchy look on my face because I was pissed. I knows it free and I really shouldn't complain but hey its call good customer service and well she could have lied and said they were on order and I would have been satisfied. She failed so now I will be calling Monday morning and talking to a manager.

Lesson: Don't piss off the Momma Bear!

Ok so besides that I was really excited that my dad joined us on the build. To bad he did not know what he was getting himself into! You would think that three adults armed with instructions could build these t-tiny projects no problem. Wrong! Including each group around us we all were ripping the projects apart several times because we hammered or glued something in the wrong spot or direction. It was pretty hilarious actually. My dad would just shake his head and pull the boys projects apart and start over. He was such a trooper! I hope he comes with us again....

Instead of a badge they gave them a pin; which will be easier for me because I can just stick it on their Lowe's apron. I still have 3 badges to sew from last Saturdays build. I love it though!

Here are a few pictures from our adventure today. After the build Potato and I hit the library again and took home about 30 books. I'm not kidding! We read so much I don't want to run out before Saturday.


  1. I had no idea that Lowes or Home Depot offered these types of programs! I can't wait until Jackson gets a little bigger and we can take him to do fun stuff like this. If we took him now, he'd probably think we were crazy!

    Looks like yo guys had a pretty good time :)

  2. Such cute pictures...I love the ones I have of my little Pie and her grandparents. Also I just passed an award on to you, come by and check it out!


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