Monday, June 7, 2010

Make a Splash....Read---Books of the Week!

Potato and I have making regular visits to the library. We love it! First thing we do is drop off our old books. Potato loves it when I pick him up for EACH book and let him put it in the slot. I am a good mommy, I know!

After that 5 minute escapade we run to the HUGE children's section and grab our color page. We find a table and Pablo Potato works on his art while mommy runs around picking 30 some odd books for the week. Ha you think I am kidding?!?

Potato is usually done by the time I pick out the books I want so he gets down and hits his favorite corner of the library. While sitting he pulls books off the shelf to read. I let him do as it is cute to him oooh and ahhh over the pictures and tell me about the book. He is such a great story teller. After he is done reading then he sits back at the table and I read a few of the ones I picked out.

Here are the books that we read last week for our summer reading program.

DVDs:(Thank goodness you can renew your books online. Should keep me from being late and getting charged fees.)

Sesame Street-Elmo's animal adventure
The Monkey Doos. Things that go!--really cute!


Armadillo's Orange
The Knight and the Dragon
The very Busy Spider
Llama, Llama, Red Pajama-Had to be my favorite
Why the crawfish lives in the mud?--If you live in Louisiana you should really enjoy this book.
Cowlick!--Now I know how all babies get cowlicks over night.
Grumpy Gloria
City dog, Country dog.- Teaches that not everyone has the same likes and dislikes.
Lady and the Tramp- He was least interested in this one because I think it is too long.

My list of books will be much longer next update because we went to the library TWICE! We have to stock up now that daddy wants in on reading time. ;-)

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