Wednesday, June 2, 2010

19 month old Potato

Dear Potato,

For the past 19 months you have made mommy and daddy the happiest we have ever been. We could not have asked for a better baby than you. Clayton you have so many people that adore you it's insane. As you get older your character is becoming more defined as loving, caring, and you all around have a beautiful personality. The happiest part of my day is when I get to leave work and go and pick you up from Butterflies Day-Care. School has molded you into such a big boy. It seems like each day you show us that you have learned something new. The only set back is that you have been constantly sick. Dr Sibley your pediatrician said that you would probably be sick for the first six months. Your immune system is getting stronger and stronger and I really can't wait until all the booger noses stop. We do give you vitamins everyday and try to get you to eat healthy but we can't stop all of the germs. You are starting to be a picky eater but your favorites are lunchables, yoplait yogurts with probiotics, snack packs, cheesy poofs, and of course cheerios. You don't get much junk food but if we are running the roads your favorite is chicken nuggets from Wendy's. You prefer to feed yourself and that really makes more work for me but its suppose to help you learn to do for yourself. You pick up all of your toys and books without anyone telling you and you are pretty much already anal about everything being put away. I really hope this sticks but I am not fooling myself to think you will always be a tidy baby. Your hair grows like a weed and it costs way to much to bring you to the barber so I started cutting your hair. I give daddy a hair cut then its your turn. I am not brave enough to use scissors because you still squirm a little and I would simply die if I cut you. Overall mommies favorite time of day is bath time and reading. Each night after your rediculously long bath you and I snuggle in your bed and read 3 books. Then after I am done you summon daddy for tucking. I apparently don't tuck you in correctly so after I attempt to you start hollaring for daddy to come fix you. He loves it! We love you Potato!


Shoe: Choo]

Hooray- you usually jump up and down while saying this

A- for the letter a--we are working on the number 1 and getting you to hold up your fat finger

Bad Dog- usually said as one word badog


Kitty- Kiddie Kiddie


Bye- Sometimes you say good bye instead of just bye-bye

Bath- You love bath time so its not to far fetched that you learned this word. While take your bathes you like to just lay down and relax in the water. I have never seen a baby just lay there and look like he is pondering life but you do. Sometimes I wonder what you are thinking about.

Daddy, Dada- You are very picky about how you get tucked in so after I read to you daddy is getting summoned by you for tucking. I don't think I have seen him smiling bigger than when he hears you on the monitor for his turn for cuddles and kisses each night.



Riding in your coupe

Bubbles-still kinda new but you like it better when daddy does it

Swimming- We have to keep an eye on you because you have no fear and will just dive in the pool. You don't mind going under water and really do try and kick your feet and wiggle your arms. I think you will be a natural swimmer.

Shoot things- I don't care what it is if you can get your hands on it then you point it and say pow-pow. I blame this on your Pap and two Uncles.

Staring at yourself- You still think you are mighty sexy. I don't disagree but I have to clean my mirror almost everyday because you and your Aunt Sammy love to kiss yourselves.

I know that I am leaving out a whole lot but I have Mommy brain and I can't possibly site all of your cuteness. Although I do try. We love you son and can't wait to tell you how much you've grown mentally and physically next month.

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  1. What a cute picture! Happy 18 months potato!!


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