Sunday, June 13, 2010

Build and Grow-Picture Frame

As you can see we are adding more and more people to our Build and Grow family. It was so much fun and Potato made a new friend, Kelon. Fumy, Kelon's mommy works with Potato's Aunt Sammy and well she was chomping at the bit to bring her 2 year old to this FREE even that Lowes puts on twice a month. Little Buck is getting more and more patient with each build and was all smiles. Potato hit daddy a few times with the hammer but I guess its all in the learning process. DH is really enjoying these Saturday mornings with his son and it makes me happy to watch.

The build was a Picture Frame and it was perfect. We had to try a couple times but we finally put it together the right way and Potato was proud.

June 26th they are building a Monster Truck! Please do your baby/babies, girl/boy, a favor and bring them. Wonderful bonding time and its FREE!

I would download all the videos but they really take way too long so here are the links. I hope you enjoy.


1.) Build and Grow Picture Frame
2.) Build and Grow Picture Frame
3.) Build and Grow Picture Frame


  1. Awesome project! I can't wait to see the monster truck!!!

  2. Love it! I can't wait for Rosemary to be a bit older so we can take her to these. :)


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