Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mr T back in town!

Mr T came in on his 2 weeks leave from his second tour in Iraq! We got to meet them for dinner on Friday and none of the Randolph's could control their excitement.

After trying three three restaurants and each of them having an hour and a half wait we finally were able to get into Johnny Carinos. There were eleven of us so that is another reason why we were having trouble finding a place to dine. Potato seen his Parrain (Godfather), and stared...he had only been seeing him through skype. He he was though in person. Needless to say he dropped DH's hand and ran to him oooohing and ahhhhing. It was truly a special moment and I am surprised that I was not balling.

Mr T had a few heart to heart talks with Potato in the car about girls, guns, and sticking up for yourself. It was pretty hilarious. Potato listened intently.

Mr T and his wife Dr Shipley left Saturday morning for their belated honeymoon to California. They will be back in about a week and a half and we will get to see Mr T before he get ships back over for the rest of his tour. Not sure if I am ready to only be able to skype with my big brother.


  1. What a nice reunion - great pics!

  2. aw, so sweet!
    And, thank you to your brother for what he does!

  3. So great they finally got to see eachother!! I can't imagine not seeing my brothers all the time. Glad you get to see him again before he leaves!


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