Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunshine Award!

Big thanks go out to my friend Gina. She has honored me with my first reward and I could not wait to pass along the happiness. Gina has a hot mess of a little boy, Ish. I love reading her blog because not only does she have at least one post a week about free things but its always funny to read how the King is running his household. Please go check out her blog, The Ish Blog!

I don't follow to many blogs because I am very new and love searching and reading about every ones life adventures. The following blogs have got me through the past few months and kept a smile on my face.

1.) Kristen at The Wilson's, this woman is true blue and full of incredible advise about life and babies. She has the cutest, fattest, hunk of chunk.

2.) Stephanie at Adventures of the Brummett Bunch, I joke and call this woman "SUPER MOM" but in all honesty I don't know how she is able to run after two beautiful twins girls, two preteen boys, and a hubby. I mean I would lose my mind!

Thanks again Gina!

Enjoy the reward and pass it on!

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