Wednesday, April 21, 2010

November 2008 to April 2010

I wanted to post this blogs for Clayton. I want him to see how much he made Mr and I throughout the first 17mths of his life and how much he means to us. Each day is a blessing with our little man.

Dear Potato,

You have brought laughter, joy, tears, and growth into daddy and mommies world. The happiness that you give us each day makes us stronger. The day you were born God gave us the most beautiful and precious gift. The gift of unconditional love. No matter how little sleep we got, dirty diapers we changed, or how much you fussed at us; you were and still are our life's treasure.

Potato you grew to be a plump and juicy little baby. Everyone wanted your kisses and hugs. Your eyelashes were/are longer than mine and your hair was straight as a board. When you get mad and start to cry you whole head breaks out into red splotches that scared that crap out of us at first. You would not crawl until 8 months but at 6 months you were climbing the stairs. I do believe I cried from fear when I caught you the first time upstairs when I knew that I had you downstairs just seconds before.

When you turned one you decided that it was time to walk. I thought you never would! Your Parrain Tanner taught you that sticking out your tongue was the cool thing to do at this age and now you don't stop. You were master of the clapping, wave, and blowing kisses.

Now you run! You tell mommy and daddy yes and no. Clayton, you actually pointed and told daddy what type of juice you wanted. You could not resist closing an open door. Ah and I can't leave out the fact that you are a ladies man. The women that come into your life do not leave with out big hearts and kisses because you bring them so much joy. Your Aunt Sammy practically claims you on her taxes and has referred to you as "My Child!" Your daddy and I are so truly blessed and completely wrapped around your fat fingers. We try not to give in to your every pointed finger and try not to laugh at you when you tell us or any other grown-up to "GO! GO!" You are such a serious little boy with such a great future ahead. We are glad to be able to guide you and strive to do the best for you each day.

PS. Your mother rambles!

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