Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Most of the pictures in this post will be of my nephew that is just because I can't get enough! Who can?! My brother turned 22 yesterday. We celebrated today with crawfish, deer back strap wrapped in bacon, burgers, sausage, and ice cream cake! It was quite a spread. My mom out does herself every time.

The birthday boy, my Mr. holding my nephew monkey!

Monkey is on the move now at 8 months and walking. This child is not afraid of anything even weird looking bugs that for some reason the adults can't stop eating!

After he decided to put the crawfish up for cooking we decided to go and bug Mr for some of his food! He does not share to well so it took some convincing.

Start out slowly! Oh you caught me!

Moving in for the steal.

Mr did feed him because he also melts under the persuasion of the beautiful blues eyes. Happy Birthday little brother. Thank you for blessing me with such a beautiful nephew!

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  1. What a sweet post - happy bday to your brother!


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