Friday, April 23, 2010

Show us your life: How I met my Mr!

I am going to try my best and remember all the details of our first meeting but I am sure Mr will say that I left out a few things. So here goes....

Mr and I went to high school together but we never once bumped into one another. I think I would remember ever running into a 6 foot 6 inch man that did not look like he was suppose to be in the eleventh grade.

We were sort of living a parallel life. He had moved onto college and I was a senior in high school being an academic nerd. One day I was with another friend from high school and she needed to get gas and decided to go to the Sam's gas station. There he was! Not very romantic I know but who cares. He looked so cool, too cool to be working at a Sam's Club gas station. Of course I did not talk to him except for the polite "Hi!" from the inside of my friends truck. I completely ignored him because I surely wasn't talking to someone that looked like he was in his late twenties. That was soooo old.

After high school I went straight to work because that gave me a lot of freedom. I got a job at Sam's Club in the produce department. Well a few weeks there I recognized the guy that was working in the next department. Oh my gosh it was that guy again and I could not remember his name. He was working in the frozen food section where there was a lot of very heavy boxes and he had to use heavy equipment. Which for someone was a huge turn on for me. I loved watching him and today he tells me that he knew I was watching the whole time and that he was showing off :-)! Well time went by and I started to finish my work early and decided that I would help another department. Guess who I was helping! Well there were two other guys that I kinda liked there and they really liked me so Mr had to make his move and make it fast. One day he was helping me toss out old produce and one of the other guys walked by yelling "Kayla give me a kiss!" I just looked at the guy and nervously giggled because at that time I had eyes for only one guy. Well later that day Mr and I sat down to finish going through the produce and he asked "Kayla, I know I have a better chance at getting a kiss from you than that guy......Right?" I nervously giggled again because this just never happens to me. I said "Yes!" This was the beginning of a very wild ride. We got married June 3, 2006 and have a beautiful baby boy.

I could not have asked for a better person to make the journey through life with. He knows my every move before I make it and understands me more than anyone. He brought me out of my shell and showed me that the world is a great place. I would not be the out spoken girl today if it weren't for him. I am blessed. I am blessed.

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