Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist!

Today I find myself not wishing for just material things. I find myself
wishing for things that will make my heart feel better. I find myself
constantly wishing for peace of mind but it never happens. I am a worrier.
I worry what people think about my family, work, and me. I have been in a
depression for some time now because I am always wishing for more and
always seeming to fall short.

1. I am constantly wishing that I could lose just 10lbs. Even though if
I do I am not happy.

2. I wish Mr. and I could have more profitable jobs. Even though we do
what we love.

3. I wish my son was happier at day-care. Even though I know it will get
better each day.

4. I wish I had the guts to tell the people that I love "No", "That hurt
my feelings", "I feel alone", "Lets visit please!"

5. I wish I didn't feel like a leper because of my skin disease. Even
though it has gotten a lot better.

6. I wish that the love I extend out to people could be returned.

7. I wish the ones I loved didn't need to go and fight in wars or train
to fight in wars. Even though it is necessary for us to have freedom.

8. I wish that I could afford to buy my dream home, have just one more
baby, and not have to sacrifice my husband's dream of a sports car.

9. I wish that my exhaustion after work each day did not keep me from
playing with my son as much as I like. Even though I keep him up a little
past his bed time now so that we can have craft/color/cuddle

10. I wish that my husband's hobby did not take so much time away from
his family.

11. I wish that squabbles with our family did not cause fights between
Mr. and I. Even though we are a united front.

I have more wishes but instead of this blog making me breathe a sigh of
relief it just makes me feel worse. I do know that a few of my wishes are
getting answered.

1. I am reconnected with my family. Even though we are completely

2. My bonds with my sisters-in-law have grown and they understand things
without me explaining.

We want more and that is human nature. I just want to be truly happy.

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