Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Week at Daycare!

Butterflies Day-Care Center......Mr and I went to the orientation on Monday and Potato started Tuesday. He is having a rough time adjusting to a new routine, new people, and learning that Potato can't always have what Potato wants.

Clayton's Nana has so much love for him, by rocking and cuddling, I guess he was just not ready to give that up. There were days that I wished Clayton could go to work and I could go to Nana's house and have run of the roost. Then there is Papaw! Clayton would practically fly out of the car seat in the morning when he seen that Papaw was picking him up. This meant riding the tractor and his four wheeler. Would day-care look appealing to you if you had this treatment? I didn't think so!

Expectantly enough Clayton has been having a hard time a but I know we have to stay strong because its what is best! Mr and I are a united front and this is what will help us through this rough patch. I just really hope that Clayton realizes that even though Mommy and Daddy drop me off in the morning and leave....they will come and pick me up in just a little while. He was not able to go outside and play this week because it was wet but I really think this will help because he loves to play outside. Then I found out that on Fridays they have WATER PLAY. If you know Potato this is HUGE! He loves the water and beats on our storm door while it is raining so he can go stand in the rain. My little fish!

Well I had to go and pick him up today because his molars are coming in and causing him to have a low grade fever. He is fine but they don't let them come back for 24 hours to make sure that it is not something else. Which is a good thing! With this time off I can only imagine how he is going to feel betrayed when Mommy brings him back on Monday. It will take time and no matter how much this is hard to watch the crocodile tears....Mommy and Daddy know whats BEST for the POTATO!

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