Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friday Fun!

Potato has finally gone back to school after a week of playing hooky being sick. Thankfully Butterflies Day Care is willing to give him a breathing treatment after their lunch period. Last night he slept with no coughing or waking up. He is in great spirits and so are Mr. and I. Daddy Randolph did ask me, "Is it mean if I like all the cuddling time I get while Potato is sick?" I said no! Potato really only wanted daddy during the past two weeks. I was jealous but who else is going to pump the meds, vitamins, and disinfect the house. I saw it as a blessing!


Uncle Joey was off of work and was more than happy to watch The Tator until Mr. got off of work at noon 9:30am. Mr. called me and told me that he decided to skip work and so it ended up being The Three Amigos at my house on Friday! It was a beautiful day so they took my snotty nosed baby out to play in the sun.
"Why did you put me in this tree?!?"

When I got off of work Joey treated the Thevis' and the Randolphs to dinner at O'Charleys. We had a great dinner of course. We had to paint a stripe on Sammy to see if she was walking are rolling. We were the loud bunch in the resteraunt but that is always the case. There was ice thrown down shirts and food being shared between everyone. You would think we loved each other or something : )!

We went home for Potato's nightly breathing treatment and ended up staying up way past our bed times watching Role Models. When the movie was over I think we were all soar from the belly laughing. "ASS..BUTT...ASS..BUTT!"

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