Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Visits!

This past weekend Potato spent most of his time with the Smith family. He loves playing with his little cousin so much. Lil Buck is only 8 months old but I have bets that he will be walking in a couple weeks. He pulls up and lets go of the furniture along with just standing up from a sitting position in the middle of the floor. While Potato was against any type of movement until he was 8 months and started walking. Then decided to walk at 1 year. I am not counting when he started climbing stairs at 6 months because that was very scary.

P.S. Potato's other cousin Baby J is army crawling! So cool to watch!

On Sunday morning I went to pick up the Potato from my moms and ended up staying for a nice long much needed visit. My sis-n-law is due on September 27, only one day after my Mr's birthday. We may just be at the hospital celebrating! So exciting! I am not so secretly hoping for a girl. Anyways.....
6 months crawling
8 months ready to walk

We left my parents abode and headed out to meet Mr and Nana. They were working on her computer and getting her ready for a new printer and some other things. I really don't pay attention when they start talking techy! Shh!

Potato and I stayed outside in the beautiful weather!
Belly Button!
Happy to be outside!
Sad because mommy said INSIDE!

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  1. LOL- that crawling picture is hilarious - looks like he's doing a push-up!


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