Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saturday Summary

Ok so this should round up what happened at The Randolph's abode this past weekend.

Samantha and Christopher Thevis! These two wonderful people are their own sunshine. I have never seen a stronger team. Sammy may seem shy and a push over but the sista is a little lion if you mess with anything or anyone she loves. Chris is a lot like my Mr he goes with the flow but is always there to open doors, lay his jacket in the mud puddle, or help you jump your car at any hour of the night. We are lucky to have them in our lives. They have been a great addition to our family. I am surprised that they don't claim Potato on their taxes because if you ask them....he is their son. It just gives us a wonderful feeling to know that other people love our baby as much as we do. Sammy is a rock and even though she is young she always has great advise. What I am trying to say is....we love them so much!

Mr Thevis' 26th birthday is today but we TRIED to have a surprise party for Mr smarty! Well because our click is so close and so not the best liars each one of us slipped in some way or another. No matter though I was the one that apparently triggered it for Mr. Thevis. I did not try and make plans for his birthday so that made him realize that we must have had something up our sleeve. Oh well he was still surprised with all the love and great gifts.

Gift card from Maggie/Drill from Randolph's

Shirt "It's a Trap!" and a Potato foot print!

Potato was so scared of that shirt that we had to hide it in the bag and not even pretend to take it out. That is a pretty scary face. If you don't understand the shirt it's from Star Wars....I think.

Potato ate Uncle Chris' cake then ate Aunt Sammy's!

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