Friday, March 5, 2010

Show us your life: A normal weekday!

I spend most of my day at work being the best Office Manager I can be! When I am working most of the time I am thinking about what my two favorite boys are doing. Although I am a huge daydreamer this is what you can catch me doing during the week.

5:30 My Ipod touch alarm goes off and gets me rolling around in bed.

6 o'clock I am in the shower and listening to my Potato say good morning to all his animals while he waits for me to be done.

6:30 I am getting Mr to open his throwing Potato in the bed. Which then he goes and starts poking at daddy's face. Followed by Daddy and Potato bonding.

7 o'clock I go and remind Mr that he has to go to work and Potato has to go to school. Then I hear a lot of grumbling from both boys because they don't want to get out of bed.

7:30 Mr is out the door only after hugs and kisses are passed around TWICE!

8:30 Potato is dropped off reluctantly to day-care. I am hoping this gets easier with time.

9-5 finds me at Prudential going crazy with emails and taking care of my peeps.

5:01 I am speeding home to my boys!

5:10-8 There is cooking, cleaning, bathing, and TARTOONS. Followed by a Potato in bed and Daddy and Mommy on the puters.

8-10 I am zoned out blogging and catching up on my shows while Mr is on the computer playing video games.

10 o'clock I am passed out on the couch and somehow make it to my bed every night. Thanks to Mr.

Then most days we get visits from Aunt Sammy and Uncle Chris which is always the bestest. That's all folks!

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  1. Sounds like a nice day to me! Except the working part and daycare part. But I guess we have to huh?
    Oh and you asked about awards...I don't know how I get them people just nominate me, maybe next time I get an award I'll nominate you so you can have one too!


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