Saturday, March 27, 2010


When we heard that we were going to have to put Potato in day-care we were scared out of our minds.

  1. Will they give him the attention he needs craves?
  2. Will they love him as much as his family and friends do?
  3. Will he eat well or go on strike?
  4. Will he make friends?
  5. Are his teachers going to be honest and straight forward or try to sugar coat everything because I am the parent?

Clayton did have a hard first couple weeks but each day was an improvement from the one before. He loves his teachers and is extremely attached to Ms Silvia and Ms Julie. When I went to pick him up I always made it a point to watch him in the room for 10 minutes before I pulled him out. I wanted to see for myself how he was doing and how he was adjusting. It slowly went from him standing by himself quietly crying to him being connected to Ms Silvia's legs....crying. She was so sweet and to help him adjust Ms Silvia appeased him by letting him go where ever she went and do what ever she was doing.

  1. He got to watch her change all of the babies diapers while the other kids had to sit at the table.
  2. He got to sit at the activity table and have one on one time while the others had to get on their mats ready for nap.
  3. She reassures him everyday that mommy and daddy will always pick you up in the afternoon.

I mean what more can you ask for? Well when I went and picked him up on Friday I was whelling up while I watched him play with the other babies, dance, and be overall in an incredible mood. Each Friday you have to bring home blankets and any thing that needs to be cleaned and ready for Monday. Along with that they send home your babies progress report and art for the week. This week was spring so he colored flowers and butterflies. The progress report consists of:

  1. What your baby liked best that week? Potato=ART
  2. What you baby learned this week? = Spring brings many colors
  3. What your baby is really good at? Potato=Coloring and Playing outside
  4. The letter for the week? R
  5. Bible verse? Exodus 20:8=Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  6. The theme for the week is Spring.

They also do a check list everyday to make sure you have diapers, wipes, and extra clothing. Along with this list as you can see in the picture they tell you what your babies disposition for the day is and well this week was the best week for Potato. Very, Very, VERY!!!!

It's very hard to watch them grow up, but watching them become their own little person is such a rewarding experience.

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