Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Art Walk- September 10th

Mr. Randolph and I spent most of Saturday "cleaning" house. We had a load of things to go to Goodwill, Tater's Daycare, trash, storage, and some things for my sister-n-law. I just feel so much better with having the house a little lighter.

Then we did some relaxing because we planned on heading downtown for Artwalk. Mr. Randolph was very happy to find out that our friends, the Stanton's, were joining us. If you know my husband, you know that the Artwalk is not his thing and that large crowds bother him. Randolph is a big guy so he doesn't like people crowding him.

We also had the nice treat of bumping into my in-laws. I have told you several times that my MIL is very creative and artsy-fartsy. VERY! This monthly event is definitely her scene and since her hubby was in from work he was checking all the art out as well.

I thought that we had bumped into all the people we knew already until we found out that Mr. Randolph's, Nanny Sissy, was in town for the musical section of the Artwalk. Sissy plays the fiddle and did very well.

Our little family of three got to participate in some artsy activities. The Lafayette Children's Museum had several booths set up for kids. Tater got to create a masterpiece all his own. I will be searching for a frame! There was a big bubble area but we weren't able to get into that but it will happen next month.
Tater and I playing chalk.

After all the fun of walk the Nana, Papaw, Tater, Mr. Randolph, and I headed to Agave for some incredible food. We gorged ourselves, of course. I had the fish tacos which were a million times better than what I had at Bud and Alley's Taco Bar. I do believe Cajuns just make it better!

Watching airplanes on the phone, at Agave's.

We wrapped up all the fun downtown and headed home. Tater ended up going to spend the night at his Nana and Papaw's. Mr. Randolph and I knew this would happen because if it didn't Tater would have had a mental breakdown. He loves them a little bit. Our friends the Stanton's ended up meeting us at the house to watch a movie and carry on the adult beverages. I ended up dozing on and off through the movie. I am a bad friend I know but it was 1 am and this little momma was flippin exhausted!

Gorgeous huh?!?!

Until the second Saturday of October....


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