Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guest Post: From Father to Son

If you read my earlier post then you know that I had gotten with Mr. Randolph's parents concerning writing a letter to their son for his birthday; which was on the 26th.

The letter below is from his father.

Dear Matthew,

Just a note to say how much I love and adore you as my son. Each time Clayton enters my home and climbs into my lap and hugs me, it reminds me of the fondest days I spent with you. The warmth and love that you generate to me and Maria is so overwhelming. You have made me proud to be your Dad. Every call that is received by me from you is always, “Hey Pop”. That is when I’m reminded I’m your daddy and it makes me so happy. Through all the years of showing all my friends your pictures as the jolly smiling giant that you are always makes me feel good inside. I love you with all my heart and will always cherish the time spent with you.

Happy birthday Son,


Old Pic: Maybe one day Mr. Randolph will write touching letters like this to Tater Man. One can only hope!



  1. Awww that photo is so cute! Btw, thank you for dropping by my blog earlier and commenting on my settling down with 2 kids. Good for you that your boy is already potty trained! That's one hard task off the list!

  2. what a sweet birthday idea. i may have to steal this one :)

  3. once again the water works have started!!!


Tater Mans listening?

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