Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend at the Camp!----a year ago?!

Wow, so I found this year-old post in my drafts. This from Mr Randolph's birthday celebration last year! Better late than never.

The first weekend in October we decided to celebrate Mr Randolph's birthday. Since the weather was beautiful and we took the Friday off we decided to take a three day weekend get out town. Our little family of three, two couples,and two of our friends decided we would go to Mr Randolph's families camp. The drive was only 2.5 hours and Potato did great!

We were ready at 5:30am Friday to start our three day weekend. Joey, had already started his drive at 3am. Way to early for me but he drives a bike and would rather not be on the road with a lot of crazies! One of the little towns just outside of the Enon has a Wild Life Preserve. We wanted to check out the prices and times so we drove in and Potato was all to excited to see all of the Eldafants(deer & ellk)! He was losing his mind.

As we drove up to the camp we saw our favorite sign "Nice and EZ." Potato only had a diaper on at the time because there was an explosion in the backseat on the way. I think he gets motion sick like I do. Anyway I took him out of the carseat and just plopped him in the grass. He was amazed by the huge front yard. Then he took off. Happiness does not explain what I felt.

 After unpacking and deciding where everyone would bunk we all sat outside and enjoyed the weather. Mr Randolph and I ran to the grocery store for supplies. I mean what camping trip can you have without roasted wieners and mooshmellows?! ;-) The boys took the tractor out to gather wood for the fire. Potato did not care to ride the loud. While they gathered wood, Potato and I went and played on the beach.

The water was extremly cold but he did not care. He just kept screaming WHADDA! I swear the child should have been a fish! We made a big fire that night and our two other couples rolled in after a long fight with traffic. It was so nice to see everyone.

The next morning I woke up and started making the mac daddy breakfast. Breakfast ala Kayla consisted of waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, coffee, and apple juice. I have never made so many waffles in my life. Everyone chowed down. Since they weren't able to see anything that night we took them all on a tour of the property and spent a lot of time at the beach.

Mr Randolph and Joey brought a few guns and we did a lot of target practicing. Lets just say I haven't lost my touch. Potato even got in a few rounds. He loves watching his daddy shoot the pow pow. I am going to have to pick him up some shooters muffs (ear protection). We all went to a buffet in town for lunch and then by Saturday night our two couple friends were headed back home.

Then my bestie came in that night.We greeted her with a big bonfire and mooshmellows. Sunday morning was a little bittersweet since it was time to pack up. Afte rwe cleaned up everything and loaded up the car, I had to force the boys to get going. We made it home to watch the Saints win the football game. What an incredible weekend and we can't wait to go back!

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