Monday, September 5, 2011

Chef Istre!

This past Friday the Randolph three dined out at Hot Food Express. Our friend J. Istre was the guest chef for the night. His specialty was tequila shrimp.

Istre is a great cook and there was no hesitation to go and support his cooking. I have eaten at the diner once before and it was incredible. I love the laid back atmosphere and the associates are very accommodating. My last visit I got a simple salad, which turned out to be one of the best I had ever had.

J. has been a guest chef once before at Hot Food Express. He made a killer meatloaf and it completely sold out. Thankfully, J. cooked the meatloaf for our friends and us, for practice. I do believe its the best meatloaf I have ever eaten. He makes it in a nice single serving that you can eat straight out of the mini pans.

Well when DJ Zee invited him back to his kitchen I was over joyed to taste J's newest creation. It was raining that Friday night (tropical storm rolling through) but that did not stop us from joining the rest of the crowd in line for good home cooking. Mr. Randolph had their famous spicy chicken breast, fried rice, and fries. Tater nommed on chicken nuggets and fries, while I inhaled the tequila shrimp over fried rice. The food did not stand a chance.

We are so proud of J. and really think he missed his calling. I do believe he will be a Chef one day and possibly have his own restaurant. Until then I will welcome him in my kitchen and donate my belly to any of his creations.

He enjoyed Uncle J's fab cookin!


  1. Mmm yum tequila shrimp sounds amazing tease us with some pictures next time ;)

  2. cute pic! and i must say his cooking is excellent and i agree he should go to culinary school and become a chef!!


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