Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Vacation: Florida Entry 2

The next few days seem like a blur so thankfully I took pictures like a crazed lunatic. Even though I have my camera on my hip it never stops me from having fun. My pictures help me save that toothy grin, leap of joy, moments of peace and quiet, and sheer attitude. When you look at the obscene few pictures I selected you will understand why this momma will always  have her camera, ready to freeze each moment of our lives.

Moving on......

From Monday to Wednesday early afternoon the Randolph's and Krom's spent their waking hours either at the beach or at the pool. We did not venture from there unless naps or food was needed. Sarah and I had no desire to go grocery shopping AT ALL and let Nana & Auntie Joanie handle all that mess.

The Adajio had four pools, one next to the beach and three in the center of all the buildings. The three in the middle seem to always have lots of friends to play with plus nice shade from the sun for my pale face relatives. I do love them!

Tater enjoyed the pool so much and I love his little Cars glasses. Since this vacation Tater has grown to love "Liden Mutween" (Lightening McQueen).

Getting him to sit still long enough for a picture was nearly impossible but he always gives into his momma from time to time. I mean I am the one holding the juice and cheerios!

Most afternoons were spent cuddling and relaxing. The sun really does drain every once of want out of you.....that's why we ate.....ALOT! Did I mention that in a 3 day period there were two grocery trips. I guess those babies kept eating all of our food?!

The next morning would come and we were on the beach.

Since sand and Gecko's don't mix really well that meant that the beach trips were short and the pool would be our landing spot. My nephew, in the bumble bee, would get so relaxed in his bee that he would fall asleep.  Got to love those self sufficient little boys!

On this afternoon we tried to go for a nice walk on the beach. The walks were always much shorter than what I wanted but that is because an 11-month-old was tired and the 2-year old had much better things to do with his time. Tater would try and catch the crabs that were brave enough to be out before dark or he was start on the first of many sand castles mountains.

Beach mornings...

Pool afternoons....

I did what I do best, read and tan. I was the ONLY one catching the rays. It just makes me feel yummy!

Then there were baths and cuddles.

Only to get dirty again when hunting crabs!

Then time to eat.....again!

One of my favorite pictures!

Wednesday night my sister-n-law and sweet nephew arrived. All the daughters spent the afternoon catching up and drinking...duh. We had to prepare ourselves for the next day of fun and then two of the hubbies joined the party!


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