Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend recap!

I have been told that my house is always hopping and/or full of energy. This was certainly the case this weekend, with a little relaxation thrown into the mix.

Friday night.....Oh that's right, Friday night we went to my SIL's house for dinner. She made an awesome meal of meat-rice-n-gravy, with mac-n-cheese. I had seconds, of course! I asked for the recipe since I can't make a meat-rice-n-gravy to save my life. She told me that my brother made it earlier in the week. Bummer, he won't give me the secret!

Mr. Randolph and I got to hug and love on our beautiful nephew and niece for a while then headed home. We had a house full of guests waiting for us. SQUATTERS! LOL! I love'em. The video games kicked in and I scooted upstairs with Tater. He watched Shark Tales for the millionth time and I found some mind numbing movie on the man-hating-channel(Lifetime).

Saturday! I was up with the chickens...cheep-cheeps. One in particular was begging for a nut butter sammich, lovely! I rolled out of bed to serve my little bird his nut butter breakfast. Oh don't forget the yelly mommy. Hmmm! I believe I was still asleep.

A few of the squatters went to work while a few were sleeping on the couch. This day we were going to celebrate our friend J. Istre. He turned 25 and gained the old man status. Before I started my day I had coffee with a few of my girls and then started my day of running around town.

It seemed like I was playing a part in a horror flick. Tater was the monster that was out to get me. I can only blame myself because I took him out of his routine by omitting his nap. Yeah, stupid! Never gonna happen again. My SIL, with her kids, Tater and I ran to a few stores. We had a few birthday gifts to grab. September is a packed month. J Istre-17th, nephew/Gecko-22nd, niece/CC-25th, and Mr Randolph on the 26th.

Mr Randolph's birthday presents have already been taken care of along with planning a little get-together. As for the rest I got an outfit for the Gecko(which I need to mail soon), Tinkerbell play tent and camo shoes for CC, and gift card for Istre(Radio Shack is his crack!) After my horrible few hours of shopping I had enough and took Tater home for his nap.

J Istre and I went and watched The Help.  It was a great movie but not near as good as the book! After the movie we headed to the grocery store for cookie cake and oucecream. A few more people made it too the house and we sang the b-day song to the man of the day. We love J Istre so much and really hope we made him feel special on his day!

Sunday, ugh! The little bird I told you about earlier, remember him. Yeah he was up at 6am! Are you kidding me kid?!?! Thankfully I did not have to make breakfast or coffee. It was already prepared, thanks to one of my favorite squatters!

I didn't do much during the day except clean and lay in bed. I tried to get in a nap but my phone would not stop ringing or bleeping. It really almost went out the damn window. Sunday night Nanny Wheazy, Tater, and I went to see the Lion King in 3D. It was incredible and Tater loved it. He could have stayed and watched it a few more times.

Overall the weekend was a hit and I am still alive to tell the tale. Happy Monday folks!


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  1. I'm tired just reading that! I've beencurious about The Help. I keep hearing the movie wasn't as good as the book, so now I'm wondering if I should bother going to see it.


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