Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back in April- Easter

I know that this is really late but so many memories I did not want to leave out!

On Easter morning the Randolph Krewe woke up and went to an early church service. It ended up being more wild than I thought but that is only because I am used to a more calm atmosphere. It was pleasant and uplifting.

After church we headed to my sister-n-law's, rents house, and we enjoyed a wonderful Easter Brunch. The toddlers enjoyed a little Easter egg hunt while the adults had there adult beverages. It was so nice to have Tater and my nephew, Jackson spend some quality time with one another. They really grow to fast!

After our visit we headed to my parents house and ate again. Crawfish and BBQ was on the menu. I got to love on my beautiful niece and nephew and watch them open many little presents from the Easter Bunny. I love watching their eyes light up.

When we got home that afternoon we were beat, to say the least, but just then Tater realized that the Rabbit had came to visit his house. Oh my gosh! I am surprised that the kid did not go into a sugar coma with all the candy he had that day.

Until next Easter.....


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