Thursday, September 15, 2011

I knew I was a mommy when.....

My friend Natalie at The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom did a cute post about little ism's our children do to make us feel like mommies.

I witnessed one first hand the day I read the blog. Fate?!

Our afternoons are pretty routine otherwise this mommy loses her mind loses some of her alone time. It's amazing how precious we treasure the hour or two we get after the family is fed, house is descent, and every is bathed. I don't like to rush through my precious time with the Tater man but I was doing laundry.

It's like a treasure hunt doing laundry at my house. The Tater and Mr. Randolph are the best magicians and hiding their dirty clothes, under the bed, mixed with clean clothes, in the bed, and trickling down the stairs. My laundry days have me running around jerking dirty clothes off of warm bodies so I can do one less load later in the week.

While running around I realized that it was Tater's bath time and his favorite time of the night, not counting, dinner, tartoons, and teeth bushing. What I failed to realize is that Tater did not care I was doing laundry. He heard bath and hauled ass to the bathroom.

I started my loads of laundry and ran to the bathroom because I knew Tater was waiting patiently to go swimming. Yeah right!!!! The picture below shows you what I found.

Don't you love being a mother? I do! One look at those sweet eyes and big cheese and all I could do was giggle and give him sweet kisses.

I love being a mother!


  1. Too funny & I have a picture of my little guy doing the exact thing the other night!

  2. sha baby hes getting so big so fast! and he def loves the water!


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