Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome Cheyenne Elizabeth!

I have my first niece!!!! Wahoo! Friday night at 11:30pm I got a phone call from my mom saying that my SIL was having contractions 7 minutes apart. So of course I was not able to sit still for the rest of the night. I ended up making a last minute diaper cake and then started agrivating DH. Ooops!

I gave him my phone to charge while I grabbed a quick nap. Then my phone rang at 12:30 am...."We are going to the hospital!" I don't think I have ever moved so fast in my life or driven so fast for that matter. I actually made it to the hospital before the pregnant lady did lol.

Let me just start by saying that my SIL is an incredible lady and is the mother of my nephew, I call him Monkey. I know you know who I am speaking of....anyway this woman had been in labor for at least two days before we went to the hospital and when she got there she went all natural. I think she is crazy! She knows I think she is crazy but I also admire her strength and ability.

I also learned that even the sweetest people (SIL) can have a little demon in them when they are trying to push out an 8lb 11 oz baby girl! Cheyenne is beautiful and looks just like me....go figure. My mom pulled out my baby pictures and my dads and Cheyenne looks like our twin.

CC (Cheyenne) is a very laid back baby and completely different from her big brother. We love her dearly.

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