Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A few of my favorite things!

Since I have a little down time at work I wanted to make a list of my favorite things. There are so many and I may shock you with the things that I like and how they are different from the things you like.

1. Boiling hot showers!
2. I love Lucy reruns
3. Working out
4. The smell of fresh bread baking
5. The way that peanut butter melts into fresh burnt toast fascinates me!
6. 3 Musketeers candy bar
7. Laying by the pool on a scorching hot day with a good book
8. The way Tater looks at Hubby and I when he wants to get on the bed
9. Watching the Tater become a seasoned gymnast while he jumps on the bed.
10. Taters face and fussing while he eats his pudding
11. Mr. Randolph’s warm cuddles during the night
12. The fact that I never have to worry about reaching or climbing for something in the house. I just call for the hubby.
13. I love getting on the scale and seeing numbers in the 130’s
14. My oversized lime green jogging pants that I stole from my sister
15. Sundays when I make several meals for the week
16. I love to grocery shop more than clothes shopping (psycho)
18. Painting
19. Seeing the first look on Randolph’s face when I have rearranged the house
20. Reading
21. Budgeting/Cash Envelopes/Excel Spreadsheets
22. Control-----duh!
23. Cleaning my house…..when I want to!
24. Plastic Bags---so versatile
25. Squatters
26. Window shopping which sends my husband to the moon. He is an impulse buyer.
27. Getting dressed up…also when I FEEL like it!
28. Home renovation
29. Running- melts all my worries away
30. My friends & Family most of all!

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