Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cooties and more news

Hey Tater!

I hope that you are doing well today and having fun hanging out with your Nana. You were so excited to see her this morning I could barely get a word or kiss in edgewise.

While you were at school yesterday Mrs Cheryl called and told me that your nose has been running like a faucet and you’re coughing. She also noticed that your ears seemed sensitive. I kind of freaked because we are going to Florida next week and I did not want to take any chances of this thing getting worse. So I hurried and called Nana to the rescue. Mommy and Daddy are so glad that we can depend on her to be there for you. Nana came and saved you from school and took you to your afternoon appointment with the pediatrician. I told you that mommy was not taking ANY chances. You have a bad track record with ear infections.

I love your pediatrician and the fact that he looked at Nana and said….”Ummm , Clayton has a cold?!” Well duh! He prescribed your usual J-Max and sent you on your way.

While you were in the office you got a quick check-up with your height and weight.

​Height​​ 100 cm ​​ 90-95 percentile

​Weight​​ 38 lbs. ​​95 percentile

I guess you are just a big, growing boy! I love it! You are having some growing pains unfortunately and that really breaks daddy and mommy’s heart. I rub you down like a crazy person after a warm bath and you still cry, crocodile tears, telling me “Mommy is burnz!” I normally give you a half a dose of Motrin so take the edge off enough so you can sleep.

Anyways, you will be hanging out with your Nana for the rest of the week so you don’t contaminate the other kids at school and you will be able to rest with Nana. She is a great doctor and makes sure to pump you up with vitamins, water, and all the food you can eat. Nana has the magic touch!

Oh I have great news to tell you! You Uncle Kris and Auntie Mishy got engaged yesterday!!!! Auntie Mishy was swept off her feet by a sweet proposal on Facebook. Since she is highly addicted to the social network is was most fitting. Daddy and I are so happy that “pet rock” finally made it on Auntie Mishy’s finger. They really deserve each other and are a perfect fit.

I know you don’t understand right now, at 2 years old, but when you are older you will learn what love is all about and your Auntie and Uncle will be happy to tell their love story of how they persevered and became one anothers soul mate.

Congrats to the future O’Neals!

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  1. That's wonderful that Tater is growing so well! Nya has her 18 month appointment today, and I can only hope that she's made it to the 50% percentile for weight. Fingers crossed.


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