Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swinging in the wind!

It has finally happened!

Tater has been potty training for a while now and it feels like such a great accomplishment. It was not quick nor easy and down right nerve racking. I wish there was a potty training camp for babies! Great idea huh?

Well I went to visit my sis today and my nephew is also potty training. He is much younger than Tater but still catching on fast with the process. If only we could get him to pull his undies down before he potties! It's hilarious he says, "potty" and then he goes. At least he has the warning part down right!

We were enjoying some outside time while the boys ran around like crazy wind up toys. Monkey came and stood by us announced a warning and then potties. Hmm! Tater watched him like wuh? I could see the gears turning in his head and immediately asked him if he needed to potty. "yep!"

I jerked his clothes off like it was a talent and waited to see if he would potty.

My mom told me that when I was being potty trained there was no way that I was going any where that did not have a toilet of some fashion. Strange since I have no inhibitions now.

Well Tater looked at me like are you for real mommy. After about 30 seconds we were celebrating his potty accomplishment! OUTSIDE.....standing up! Score for all men around!

I was a proud mommy even though my mom gave me fair warning that I have just created a little monster. Now he asks to go potty in the grass. Uh oh!

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  1. ooh yes a potty training camp would be so cool we just send them away and they come back days later fully trained with no accidents! sounds good to me :)


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