Friday, August 12, 2011

Last day…

It is my last day at Prudential. I have given this company 4 years of my life and devotion. Well we see how well that worked out, right? I am trying to not be bitter but the fact of the matter is, I lost my job and they could care less. It’s just business!

I don’t understand that phrase. I have always been that person that tends to take everything personal and everything to heart. When I got this job I just knew that I was going to climb the corporate ladder and be in the big leagues one day. I had even started studying for my insurance licenses. There were no plans for me to start selling insurance; I just wanted to better myself by becoming more familiar with the products we sold. Gold star for me right?! Wrong! Thankfully I did not spend any money on these tests because they were expensive.

My coworkers in the Metairie Office found out they were no longer being considered for the remote (at home) positions. Along with that our Senior Operations associate lost her job to an outside applicant; which I thought was a complete stab in the back! Now the last two, Operations Specialist, have to fight over one position that they are keeping. I believe they both know how this is going to turn out. One of the girls has been with Prudential for almost 11 years and the other just made 3 years. If you look at it from a business point of view you should know that they will more than likely choose the associate that does not make a lot of bank.

This past week has been extremely slow and mind numbing. My manager came to the office on Tuesday to spend some time with me and go over some of the tasks that I handle. She treated me to lunch and we had a sad farewell hug. She is not handling losing all her employees too well. I guess I wouldn’t either! Yesterday the Recruiting Manager came in and we had a day of me breaking down all the fun spreadsheets and job duties that will be his. He was not at all happy and pretty much refuses to do a few of the tasks. I laugh, not my problem!

The Manager, Financial Services in my office is also not enjoying my last week in the office. I could compare him to a 3 year old with all the hissy fits/tantrums he has been throwing lately. He is quite adorable and I will really miss hanging out.

I have already taken all my pictures and other personal items home. I did not want my last day to be dramatic and me be in tears because I am packing on my last day. NO WAY! I have been preparing myself for this day for a while and I don’t regret the distance I have put between my current position and my heart.

I am strong again and in control. I have a plan! So now I wait until 5 o’clock and walk out these doors with my head held high.

Good bye Pru!

PS the agents in my office are not at all happy that I am getting laid off and this is their way to protest! I love it! The sign will be put out in the front lobby when no agents are available.



  1. ((((hugs))) Kayla! Losing your job is hard and you're handling it with grace and dignity (something I'd have a hard time with. I love the sign they made, that's great!!! Insurance is a difficult industry, I put in over 10 years before I quit to be a stay at home mom. Despite its financial short comings, I love my new job!!

  2. Losing a job is always tough, even if you hated it. I'm confident, however, that there are better things in store for your future. The sign that your co-workers made is very cute.

  3. you're so strong for pushing through and getting a new job with your chin up!

    Love the sign. haha


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