Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Recap!

I was such a busy little girl this weekend!

Tater and I got out of school/work early so we needed to visit Nana. She needed us to bring her some mushrooms to cook for our beach trip next week. All Tater could say was Papaw...going see papaw!? I felt bad having to tell him no.

Well we stopped at a little mom and pop shop in town to pick up the mushrooms and Tater decided he needed some groceries. He shopped around until he found just what he needed. DONUTS! Chocolate covered donuts. I don't want you to think that he came and asked me for the donuts and I went and got them down for him. Oh No! He went up to the end-cap got this large box of donuts and proceeded to throw them on the conveyor belt. Tater looked at the beaming cashier and said "buy'em!" Yep!

Before I knew it there were 3 cashiers at our counter gooing an gahing over the Tater. He could have cared less because they were holding up the process of him getting his DONUTS! Such a man!

After our visit with Nana I headed home to start cleaning house because Tater has a little summer cold. Yay! He sounds so pitiful and I really hate giving him medicine.

Saturday was also spent disinfecting the house and then a little grocery shopping and hanging out with the crazy Smith women. I know you remember me telling you that my mother and sister-in-law have wheels on their ass and I tried my hardest to keep up with them. Since Tater was not feeling well and it was nap time I left him at home with Mr Randolph and took off with the ladies for a little break.

I ended up getting another little beach dress that was on sale and my mom and sister bought me my first pair of nice extremely expensive jeans. We went to buckle and I tried on about 15 pairs before choosing the perfect one. Way too much trouble if you ask me! It was so nice spending time with them and my sweet niece and nephew. I love them so much!

Sunday was yet another cleaning day, but it was spent at my friend Mishy's! She has a new gorgeous house and well its HUGE! Sammy, Mishy, and I started at the top of the house and cleaned every nook and cranny. I don't  envy her and her new big house. She is so happy and I can't help but be happy that she finally has something of her own with her future hubby.

After cleaning her house I went home and finished mine up. Mr Randolph went and met his mom for a much needed visit. He had a blast!

Now it's Monday and I have started my count down to beach time! 6 days!


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