Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids Workshop @ Home Depot: Football Stand!

The first Saturday of every month Home Depot has a free Kids Workshop. From 9-12 you can bring your child in and they can build something. This month we built a foot stand! How perfect is this when football season has kicked off?!?

Our friend Joey brought his God child MaKayla(ms) and his stepfather.Potato did not know what do with himself. I mean he has never built anything with a pretty little girl before. Twitterpated is how I call it lol. He was all smiles and really showing off because he built his project in record time and was showing 'Kayla how to do it!

The only thing that I don't care to much about is that with Home Depot's builds is that they require glue. Who in the world wants to give a child a project with glue? Let's just say we skip it because its not really necessary when you have nails. Shhh don't tell.

After the build Potato got his certificate and pin. I forgot his apron at home like a bad Mommy so we had to borrow one for the project. No worries.A few snaps of the camera and the babies were let loose on the poor customers in Home Depot. I guess they wanted to see just how fast they could run and freak all the older people out. I run after him, apologizing of course. When it was time to leave, Potato's buddy, Kelon showed up with two of his friends.

It was so cute because all of the boys were excited to see each other and Potato did not care that he didn't know two of them. After a group hug we headed home! Woooh until next time......

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