Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 22nd Month Birthday!

Sweet Potato!

Mommy and Daddy want to wish you a Happy 22 Month Birthday baby! We love you so much!

I still remember seeing you for the first time and all I wanted to do was kiss your face and give you a hug. While you were in Mommy's belly you madeit a point to try and break my ribs. I guess there was not enough room in there. I do miss feeling your little kicks and tumbles. I miss having you with me everywhere.

Now you are a big boy doing beautifully at day-care.You have tons of friends that run to see you every morning giving you hugsand kisses (causing sickness but hey!)

This month we think you found your terrible two belt and have strapped iton super tight. I still can't believe it each time I see you roll your eyesor hear you sigh. I am sorry you have a rough life lol! Where did my innocent little boy go? Although you have established a little of your own dominance in the house each day without fail you are cuddling with Mommy on the couch. It's as if a little timer goes off in your head at 6:30 p.m. and all play stops and you are searching for my lap. I LOVE it!

We are going to be starting or at least a little more actively doing some cooking together. I want you to be involved in what we do and you love to help. You are pro at putting clothes in the dryer.

When we ask you what the doggy says you say "ruff ruff", cow- "MOOOO",bird-"feet" "feet." The last one is my favorite! Daddy and I want to say that we love you and thank you for all the joy and laughter you bring to our lives.

Shoe size: 7.5
Shirt: 3T
Shorts: 2T-3T

Ug - Hug
Peeze - Please
TahTou - Thank you
FOOD - Food (you scream it!)
Teeh - Teeth
Ya Face - "Yah Face!" (while taking your pudgy finger and circling it inthe air!) I have video of this!
Coluur- Color


Rolling your eyes
Riding your bike and trying to use the peddles
Swimming like a champ
You throw things in the trash or put dishes in the sink when we ask.
Clean up your toys and do chores around the house. (your version of course)
Brush your teeth.
Potty Training--working on that.
Actively trying to read your books and signs that we see saying "EEEE..OOO"
Getting snacks out of the pantry.


Bully at school - that has stopped though....for the moment
Stealing snack at school---(they have to give you extra)
You try and throw tantrums only to find out that it does not fly with us.


Playing in sandSpent the night at Aunt Sammy's and Uncle Chris' (you woke up at 5am and puked.....they still love you!)
Wearing big boy undies


Build n Grow - Lowes
Kids Workshop - Home Depot


  1. Awwww, he's such a big boy! Can he come over and teach Ish how to clean up his toys!!

  2. What a big boy! I think I need a Ug :)

  3. wow so good to know what he is doing at 22 mos (my son is 17.5) when did you start big boy undies?

  4. What an adorable smile! He is precious! :)

  5. so cute! he's adorable!
    happy 22 months!
    I never realized our little guys were so close in age...although, I don't know what I thought,haha

    Would love to get a playdate with these two characters!!


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