Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Painting with a Twist! -- Your Fleur de Lis

Dear Blogging Buddies,

I have found the ultimate activity for a mommy, wife, or girlfriends! Painting with a Twist! I am sad to say that there are not enough shops open yet. So if there isn't one open close to you I am sorry.

A couple of my girlfriends and I got together and decided we were in need of a little art therapy. I was able to get an insane discount with Sieze the Deal. If you are not signed up you should be, like go do it NOW!

I had heard how much fun it is because you can get a big group of your friends to go with you or you can just hold a private session. Pretty fancy, right?! Although our group wasn't big enough to be private we did take up a quarter of the class. A major plus with going paint with your buds is that they incourage you to bring liqour of your choice. FOE REELZ! So I brought a bottle of red wine.

When you go to a session they have all of the canvases set up with your template already drawn on, major plus for the non-drawer? I went to paint anyway...lol! This session was much different than most because they let us paint with which ever colors we liked.

Overall a completely amazing experience and can't wait to go back. This did ultimately put a little bug in me to pick up a paint brush and learn. My MIL, as you know, paints among her many other activities. She is being so kind to teach me the proper techniques and I am very eager to learn.

When you look below and see that my painting has a little blob on it don't get mad. I had to blob on it because this painting will make its debut in a couple months. I hope you enjoy the others though!

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