Thursday, September 23, 2010

Build and Grow- Doggy Leash Holder

I know this is a bit late but I needed to post for memories sake. Potato spent the weekend of the 11th with my mom and sister-n-law. Well it just so happened that this weekend was a Build and Grow weekend.

I hate missing his builds but this one was extremely special and memorable. Potato's, Auntie Claire(who is due the 27th) helped him with his build. I adore the pictures that they got even though with two little crazy boys they weren't able to get a lot of shots.

Potato really seems like he is getting the hang of these builds and really starting to excel at hammering. Even though we don't have dogs to have dog leashes I still don't like him to miss out on an activity if I can help it! I just know Claire was cursing me the whole time.

Anyways, like I have said before you really should look into the Build and Grow program for your little one!

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