Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend: Trippin it to the zoo!

Sunday found a Sebastyn, a Potato, a Nanny, Ms. Kasie, and me tripping to the zoo. The weather was all to incredible to stay inside. It took us about 1.5 hours to get there but the boys were fine eating snacks and watch Power Rangers. Potato was not too sure about them because the most hard core his cartoons get is the Wonder Pets. I thought his eyes were going to pop out in amazement.

We finally made it there and decided that Ronald McDonald would feed us.......sadly disappointed were we when the boys chicken nuggets looked incredible and out sad little bugers needed some tlc.

DH and I took Potato to this exact zoo on his first birthday and they were doing a lot of rennovations and adding a whole new tiger exhibit. I was super excited that no less that a year later they were done with the rennovations and they had TIGERS. DH's favoritest animal (so sad he missed it) in the world. No worries we will take him one day.

The zoo was perfect because it wasn't crammed with people so the boys were able to run around like chickens. I am not even kidding! When they realized they did not have to sit in the wagon the marathon was on like Donkey Kong!

Potato was completely adorable because after each animal exhibit he had to say buh-bye. When we made it to the geese I knew he would lose it because he loves his 'feet' feets' (tweet tweets). He would say buh-bye feet feets. Then would come the terrible two fit because he did not want to leave them. I had to tell him that we would come back to see the feet feets before we left. Oh how I love this child! P.S. how do you say Buffalo? "Buffalo!" Right....NO its butt-low!

After hours and ours of jam packed fun with a quick break for us ladies in the middle. We needed nachoes, pickles, and diet coke...duh. Well after all that we decided to end our excursion with a train ride around the zoo. Potato needless to say passed out with the motion of the train. Thank God his Nanny was there to cuddle.

It always seems that the trip home is always quicker than the trips to our adventures.

What did you do over the labor day weekend?

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