Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Supper Club ala Sammy!

Wow this is incredibly late but better late than never right? Sammy was our hostess and she made stuffed shells. It was incredible! I had salad for the side and Nicole brought adult slushies.

I am sad to say that Sammy was not feeling well and only stayed a few minutes before needing to head home. Thank God she only lives a few houses down from my house(where dinner was served). I had not being feeling well earlier that morning so needless to say that I was wore out from preparing the house for guests. DH was not able to eat anything because of his tonsil surgery and he was not too happy about that either.

Instead of our usual separation of the sexes where the men talked shop(video games) and the women talk about the men.....we all sat down and watched a movie. I did make it through the movie but had to go straight to bed afterwards. I think I was running a fever because my whole body hurt. I was not the social butterfly like usual and that ticked me off.

When I woke up the next morning I just knew I was seeing things. My kitchen, dining room, and living room were CLEANED! I got kinda teary when I realized that after I went to bed my friends had cleaned up all the mess. I mean everything. There wasn't a dish or a crumb left anywhere. I want to give them a big Thank You again!

Do you have friends that go out of their way? I am a very lucky girl! Here's hoping that I will have a great post about our next Supper Club meeting!

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