Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Summer Vacation: Florida Entry 3

I know, I know, its taking me two whole months to finally wrap up this time in my life. There have been so many exciting things happening since that I just haven't thought to finish. It is a little slow at work right now so I will try and finish off my summer vacation entries.

Oh just in case you missed the first entry....or the second one ;-)!

Before we started our day Mr. Wilson decided Tater Man should wake from his nap early. It wasn't good for anyone!
All the ladies and babies headed to Bud and Alley's for some yummy fish tacos. I thought they were fabulous and inhaled mine, while others were a little picky. Coon-asses...they need a glob sprinkle of spice on their food!

I guess he was upset when I told him he could not have the Corona with lime!?

Love my raccoon eyes! Me, Kristen, Sarah.
Well I guess Nana did not get the memo about no alcohol for the Tater Man. He ended up drinking half of her Sangria before I realized that I did not order juice for him. I order WATER!

Notice the fork in his mouth. Yeah the alcohol must have kicked in. The picture of Nana below shows her and the evidence lol.

The sad part is with the last few days of our get-away my SIL Sarah and nephew Gecko had to go back to Colorado. Boo, right! Thankfully I had another beautiful nephew to love on and Mr. Randolph had finally made it to Florida with his brother. The only thing that made it better was that Mr. Randolph's dad, Sr. Randolph (hehe) showed up.

There was a lot of fun in the sun while the boys were there and then we had to grab a few family shots. I know you have seen these already but I love them so much. YOU WILL SEE THEM AGAIN! Loves!

Even with her camera acting up my sil was able to capture these great shots. Thanks!

Has to be my favorite shot of all time. Jack giving love and Tater Man wanting his space.
This is more like it, though. Aren't they beautiful!?

We all headed to Bud and Alley's again but for drinks and to watch the beautiful sunset. This had to best way to end one of my favorite vacations. 

One big, happy family!



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  1. That picture of Jack and Tater hugging is SOOOOO cute! :) Great pics! :) Makes me want to go to the beach RIGHT NOW! ;)


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